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number two on the best sellers list for june. that's great. >> i learned that the vice president has a twitter account. >> at vp. >> it's "morning joe." we'll see you in a bit. next is the "the daily rundown" with chuck. >> holiday hangover, a month to go before the u.s. hits the debt ceiling. a week after being scolded by the president, both houses of congress come back this week. is it to hammer out a budget compromise or simply continue rhetorical sledgehammering of each other. what's more american that parades, apple pie and hot dogs? try campaigning. rallied in pennsylvania, and of course shook hands in new hampshire, where the first of what could be many intriguing accidental run-ins between rivals took place. how straight are the candidates being with us today?
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the truth index this morning, it's tuesday, july 5th, 2011. i'm chuck todd. let's get to my first in the morning. we're going to begin with the reason why members of the house and senate are back on capitol hill. the headlines like this. but with two and a half weeks to make a deal on the debt before the july 22nd white house imposed deadline, a grand bargain is looking very elusive. senior administration officials will be passing around this ad as i say. this is the mother of although brainers, but we can have no confidence that the republicans will seize this opportunity, that's because the republican party may no longer be a normal party. over the past few years, it's been infected by a faction, a psychological protest than a practical governing alternative.
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republicans say they were not voted into the majority to raise taxes. >> the principle of not raising taxes is something that we campaigned on last november. and the results of the election was that american people didn't want their taxes raised and they wanted us to cut spending. they don't want compromise. they want us to balance the budget. it's likely to be a game of shadow boxing this week with any action happening maybe behind closed doors. tomorrow the president and vice president are supposedly going to capitol hill to meet with senate democrats. republicans showed openness to raise a new revenue, though also were skeptical of any real tax reform can happen by august 2nd. >> republicans are opposed to any tax hikes, particularly during a fragile economic recovery. do we believe the tax reform is necessary, i would say absolutely. there's not enough time to get this done between now and august 2nd. it ought to be the first thing
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we turn to. we can bring down rates, eliminate tax expenditures or loopholes and actually make our nation more competitive internationally. >> the fact that cornyn even, uttered the phrase tax loopholes is a signal to some there's an opening for some of this. >> the question is, is it there on the house republican side. senate republicans, by the way, still pushing this idea of a short term deal on the debt ceiling, six, eight, nine months. republicans don't like the idea of voting on this twice. they are the guys up every two years. the senate guys are up every six years. speaking of the white house, today we find out a schedule of some meetings. let's move on to the presidential race. for a holiday where parades aren't hard to come by. in iowa, new hampshire, mitt romney and jon huntsman tripped over each other. romney jogged over to huntsman to quote welcome him to the
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granite state noting that new hampshire must be more pleasant than beijing. in iowa, newt gingrich trailed a turquoise convertible behind michele bachmann. the candidates talked to anyone who would listen. >> who's on the ground, we're going to spend a whole lot of time in the state winning the hearts and minds of the residents. >> i spent my life in the real economy. if i'm president, i won't be doing 70 rounds of golf, i won't be blaming somebody else for my problems. >> they messed up the debt ceiling. they messed up health care. they're trying to mess up cap and trade with tax and kill. we need more people who have had political experience. >> they look as though the cliff
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is too steep. i am here to say, the lord does not need many. he does not need the biggest. he does not need the brightest. he takes what he has. he takes who he calls and equips them and up they go. they take with courage, they take the outpost. they defeat the few and they defeat the many. >> here's what i learned over the 4th of july holiday. romney and huntsman making it clear, new hampshire or bust. neither one of them in iowa. what is michele bachmann doing? she's spending a lot of time at churches. that was the mike huckabee strategy that worked very well for him. the one republican journalist out there, the iowa noted, when bachmann sent out her cards, nothing about the straw poll, making her wonder if there's a way to go when it comes to
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organization. we're going to have a lot more, including tim pawlenty's new tv ad. in a week, the senate takes its first vote this afternoon on libya. it's something nobody wants to talk about. after 15 weeks of bombing, there's no end to the stalemate. signs of friction within the nato coalition. how this vote goes, what happens today, what amendments get on there over the week? this could actually be the newsier topic of the week more so than the debt deadline, but we're going to go to the deadline. it's on everybody's mind. as we know, the first order of business is going to be the procedural vote on libya. with me now, vermont independent senator, senator sanders. i want to talk about your plan on deficit reduction, but i want to start with libya. how are you going to vote on the libya resolution? >> i'm going to take a hard look at it. i've never been terribly
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enthusiastic in america involvement in libya. we're spending a huge amount of money on two wars. we're taking casualties. enough is enough. >> you heard the president last week, he was basically arguing that this does not go near the war powers act. that the war powers act, we could have a debate about it separately, but what was going on in libya didn't touch it. do you agree with him? >> i tell you what i really think. i have to tell you, chuck, i think the budget is what people are worried about. what i'm concerned about is the republican budget which said we're going to cut trillions of dollars in programs for the most vulnerable people in this country at the same time giving huge tax breaks to the wealthiest people. i put up a letter on my website a week ago. we have 110,000 signatures that says this country needs shared sacrifice if we go forward with deficit reduction. at a time when the wealthiest
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people and the largest corporations are doing phenomenally well, they have to participate in help us balance the budget. >> i'm going to that topic in a second. on the war powers act, do you agree with the president that libya does not touch the war powers act? >> i think the war powers act has been violated many times. i think this effort is also in violation of the war powers act. >> i do want to move to your plan. you were giving a little bit of a preview of it. yours has to do with possibly putting a millionaire's tax in. are you open to the idea that whatever tax increases that, in the same way that the bush tax cuts supposedly had a cutoff where they would expire, that a tax hike also would expire after a certain amount of time and the economy grew? are you open to something like that on any of these negotiations when they're talking about revenues? >> right now, you have major
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corporations, general electric among many others making billions of dollars in profits, paying in some cases not one penny in taxes. you have the richest people in this country whose effective tax rate is the lowest in modern american history. do i think you cut social security, medicare and medicaid which is what republicans want to do and say to the richest people in this country, sorry we don't touch you? i think that is absurd. i believe that half of deficit reduction has got to come from the wealthiest folks and the largest corporations. i think we also need significant cuts in military spending. >> right now, the debate is over how much to cut, not necessarily what to cut. is this something that concerns you that the white house is allowed the debate to be more about how much to cut and there hasn't been enough talk about what is being cut, what should be cut and what shouldn't be? >> it's not only what should be cut and what shouldn't be cut.
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certainly to my mind, if you're looking at cuts, we have to remember that military spending has been triple since 1997. we have weapons systems that are fighting for soviet union. you have to take a hard look at military spending. furthermore, 50 million americans have no health insurance today to do as the republicans want, to throw millions of children off of medicaid or to do away with medicare as we know it, to me, is beyond comprehension. do the wealthiest corporations contribute to tax reduction? >> if the dealing on the debt ceiling is something along the lines that seems to be out there, $2 trillion in cuts that would include some cuts in medicare and medicaid, not to beneficiaries, and some nixing
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of loopholes, it wouldn't be your ideal scenario, but could you support something like that? >> the devil is always in the details. this is not bernie sanders. i'm sure you are familiar with all the polls out there. you know when they ask people what's the most preferred way to deal with deficit reduction? you know what people say? they say ask the wealthy to start paying more in taxes. this is not bernie sanders' idea. this is poll after poll. i think it's time for congress to listen to the american people. >> you're right. you see this, particularly if you define wealthy as over $1 million, you get into the debate of what's wealthy. when you define wealthy over $1 million, there is public support for that. why do you think the white house won't touch it? >> well, forget the white house for the moment. why is it the republicans want to give tax breaks? they not only want to ask the wealthy to pay more in taxes, they want to give them a
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trillion dollars more in tax breaks. the wealthy and their lobbyists are powerful in washington. they make enormous amounts of campaign contributions. nobody i know, quite honestly, you say let's see, we're going to cut social security, medicare, medicaid and nutrition. we're going to give tax breaks to millionaires. do you know how many people that makes sense to? nobody outside of washington, d.c. the man we're making for the president is to stand tall, fight back. he did not do that in the last two negotiations. if he says to the american people we're going to stand with you, we're not going to balance the budget on the backs of the middle class and working families, i think he's going to have the support of the american people behind him. we're going to put the republicans on the defensive and you're going to get a fair and good economic policy deficit reduction package. >> senator bernie sanders. thanks for joining me this morning.
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i should mention senator sanders brought up general electric. general electric is one of the two parents of nbc universal. as the senate gets set to vote on whether to authorize the u.s. mission in libya, new rumors surface about gadhafi giving up power. clashes in egypt. did anyone think the syrian rebellion could last this long? we're going to check on wall street before the bell, a new warning that greece could still default on its debt. after last week's great run, could the markets take a dive. first a look at the president's schedule. it's all off camera on paper. we say that on paper. he has his first meeting with the new defense secretary, leon panetta. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. plus vitamin d to help maintain healthy blood pressure. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's. is now honey nut cheerios! yup, america's favorite.
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as the senate prepares to debate a resolution on libya, gadhafi's government says it's been talking to the rebels to claim a peace deal. foreign correspondent richard engel is in egypt, the latest of everything going on in the middle east from libya to the renewed upheaval in syria. let's start with libya. there's been two reports out there. we heard from the gadhafi side about a peace deal. we heard from the rebellion said, gadhafi, he can stay in the country if he leaves power. what's the truth going on in the middle? >> reporter: the truth is that there are no real serious negotiations between the two sides. these are mostly reports that have been in the media and denials by the government or denials by the rebels. the rebels at one stage said gadhafi could stay in the country if he leaves power. then the government said today that gadhafi has no intention of ever leaving power.
9:18 am
so the reality is there's no concrete dialogue here. it is still a conflict and it is still a deadlock. >> you're in cairo. i do want to go there. there's more protests due to a court ruling. there's speculation that the elections could get postponed beyond september. what can you tell us about all that? >> reporter: there's still a lot of political chaos here. many egyptians are worried that there has not been enough time to organize the elections to get the political parties ready. i spoke with members of the young people, that you saw in tahrir square. they feel the energy and the revolution that they believe is still going on in this country is being hijacked by two groups, by the military and by the muslim brotherhood. they are worried that if elections were to take place right now, those two groups, the military and members of the former regime and the muslim
9:19 am
brotherhood would be the biggest benefactor. what we're hearing now, there was a reuters report to that effect this morning, the military is considering delaying the elections which are supposed to take place at the end of the year, although no definitive decision has yet to take place on that. >> if the elections are delayed, that's thought to be helpful to the more secular political activist, correct? >> reporter: it's hard to know. the secular political activist certainly think it could be helpful to them. it's really a debate about the constitution and the order in which the constitution is written. as it stands right now, there are supposed to be elections and after the elections, the people who get elected are going to form committees and write the constitution. secular activists worry if the elections take place too soon, that the people that will be elected are groups like the muslim brotherhood and they will write a more religious
9:20 am
constitution. they would like to see the constitution written first by committees of experts and then to have the elections take place at a later date. it's really about the mood right now. if the current climate favors islamic candidates who will write a morris lammic constitution. >> richard engel in cairo. thank you very much, sir. wall street is trying to build on the dow's best week in two years. the dow had its best week in two years last week. well, short week. hot dog hangover, what do we expect? >> you're right. stocks were on fire last week. we saw the dow up about 648 points, more than 5%. the nasdaq was up more than 6, s&p up more than 5, new factory orders at 10:00 a.m. this morning. we're watching gold explode higher this morning, up 26 bucks. oil is up a percent and a and a
9:21 am
half. the jobs number on friday is going to be pivotal. we're watching shares of exxon which are selling off because of the oil spill in the yellowstone river. the company says it was up to code back in june, but investors are selling that stock this morning. keep your eye on that new factory order number at 10:00 a.m. eastern. back to you. >> melissa francis, thanks very much. coming up, "the daily rundown" look at the contentious history between politicians and rock stars. >> the use of david burn's song and his voice in my campaign advertisement without his permission was wrong and should not have occurred. >> all lawsuits were simply settled with a video like that one. the latest politicians to strike a wrong chord with rock stars. today's question, in which congressional district did barack obama receive his highest vote percentage 2008?
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all right. how's this for the age old clash? rockin' roll versus the establishment. the political play list is hitting a sour note with some musicians. ♪ she was an american girl ♪ raised on promises >> gainesville's own. presidential candidate michele bachmann may have had her last dance to tom petty's hit "american girl." the rocker fired off a letter demanding she stop using the song. in 2000, he told george w. bush to stop playing his song "i
9:26 am
won't back down." eight years later, it was a different tune. ♪ you're going to burn to the wind ♪ ♪. >> her nickname may have been sarah barracuda, but they told her to knock it off. that wasn't the only song on mccain's hit list to run into trouble. john melloncamp and van halen objected to his taste in music. >> america's future rests in a thousand dreams inside your hearts. it rests in the message of hope, in the song of so many young american's admire, new jersey's own bruce springsteen. >> bet you didn't think we would find that clip. the boss wasn't happy about
9:27 am
being name dropped. springsteen objected to his use of the song "born in the usa." then came the age of youtube. >> i sincerely apologize to david burn for using his famous song and his unique voice in my campaign advertisement without his permission. >> looking at charlie crist in the eyeball. he was forced to deliver that online apology after settling a lawsuit filed by the talking heads front man. he was shocked to hear road to nowhere was used in an attack ad. we don't know the exact terms of the settlement. you may have noticed a theme here, it's not just republicans who hit the wrong chord. ♪
9:28 am
in 2008, soul man, sam moor told barack obama to hit the mute button on his classic "hold on i'm coming." his music was not up for grabs. after decades of in fighting, fleet wood mac initially objected to bill clinton's use of the song "don't stop" but a year later. ♪ don't stop thinking about tomorrow ♪ ♪ don't stop it will soon be here ♪ >> the band united to perform the song at the inaugural gala. that place happened in landover, maryland at the old cap center. republicans love to pick these fights because they think it proves that hollywood liberals are against them. up next, forget wall street. we check in with a new market.
9:29 am
our friends at politifact are going to debut it here on "the daily rundown." president obama and michele bachmann are being put to that test. 10,000 gallons of oil spilled in the yellowstone river. the latest on the cleanup effort. from the nfl, to the nba, major league eating. a labor dispute causes controversy at the famous 4th of july hot dog eating contest. we miss a chance at seeing the best rivalry left in sports. you're watching the "the daily rundown" on msnbc. ♪ hot dog leap frog and holy cow ♪ [ male announcer ] things seem better with travelocity's best price guarantee.
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[ male announcer ] achievement: has big plans. ♪ achievement: plays well with others. ♪ achievement: loves getting its hands dirty. ♪ achievement: is ready for the world. that's why pnc created grow up great®, our 10-year, 100-million-dollar program committed to early education and helping achievement start young. pnc bank. for the achiever in you(sm). all right. more with the "the daily
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rundown." here are other stories making headlines. in montana, rising waters are complicating the cleanup efforts. an oil spill on the yellowstone river. a ruptured pipeline caused hundreds of barrels of oil to seep into the river. vice president joe biden is now one of the nation's new twitter user. he wished a happy independence day to the troops. one would think the vice president would have trouble keeping his tweets to under 140 characters. he's giving himself as much as he can. 137 characters of retweets abilities there, by the way, the big twitter town hall at the white house is tomorrow. six time cy young award winning pitcher, roger clemens is done looking for wins on the field. he's looking for one in court. the trial against the hurler charged with lying to congress
9:34 am
gets under way in washington this week. no word on if greg maddux is going to testify. controversy at yesterday's 4th of july hot dog eating contest. joey chestnut took the title after eating 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. before kobayashi downed 69 hot dogs at the same time in an offsite event. he has been banned since refusing to sign the contract with the contest's organizer, major league eating. yes, it is an actual league, an actual organization. all i know, who wouldn't want to watch ufc 22,000, the calorie count, kobayashi-chestnut. we want to see it on pay purview. is the market up, down, is it pants on fire? forget the dow. our friends at politifact has a
9:35 am
new way to check. the daily average of whether politicians are giving it to you straight. no surprise, it seems we're in for a bear market. politifact bill air is here to reveal the new feature. everything you're doing, you put in and sort of rate -- the statements you're checking more truths than falses. tell me more about it. >> the idea is we have all this data that we've been doing with nine state politifact states and our national site. what's the average? is truth up or down? we came up with a way to calculate the average and assign it an index like the dow, and be able to look at it every day and say is the truth up or down. for instance today, the index is negative 22.92. >> this is over like what period of time are you measuring? >> we look at the previous seven days. the idea is on a given day there
9:36 am
may not be enough truth readings. >> not to be a cynic, but don't you pick out the most contentious statements that politicians are trading back and forth, so there's always a shade of spin involved? it's not all of the statements that are being said? >> absolutely. this is not social science. this is journalism. >> i can't believe. you know what, it's not social science, it's journalism. great. >> the idea, what it does, it takes a whole bunch of our truth 0 meter readings and values them. it shows patterns. during the campaign last fall. the index plunged. over the holidays it went way up. >> the campaign season, lies go up, during the holiday season, the truth goes up. let's check a few statements. you fact checked president obama at his press conference. let's see how he did. >> what i have done, and this is
9:37 am
unprecedented by the way, no administration has done this before, i said to each agency, don't just look at current regulations, or don't just look at future regulations, regulations we're proposing, let's go back and look at regulations in the books, if they don't make sense, let's get rid of them. >> i've heard the talking point myself sitting at the white house. you rate it? >> pants on fire. >> is that the president's first. >> this would be the president's fourth pants on fire. we gave it a pants on fire because it's probably the least unprecedented thing a president does these days. you go back in history pretty much every president since jimmy carter has done a very similar review. has said that he has weeded out unnecessary regulations. clinton made a big deal about it. pants on fire for obama on that one. >> let's check one for michele bachmann? >> my his and i have never gotten a penny of money from the farm. >> you rated that? >> false.
9:38 am
>> but not a pants on fire. what's the difference? >> in this case, our ruling was based on her financial disclosure forms which show at a minimum, she has gotten about $32,000 in money in income from the farms, from the farm. but, you know, there are conceivable ways that they might be deferring income and things that we think might have kept that from being pants on fire. >> bill adair with the truth index. mr. colbert has to have you on for this. you do one on renewable fuels. go to the website up next, we have a power house political panel to tackle this tuesday, feels like monday. we'll get the latest on the debt talks. who's winning? who's losing. plus tim pawlenty tries to define the minnesota shutdown on
9:39 am
iowa caucus goers. could the republicans be bucking conventional wisdom. the soup of the day, it's minestrone, america's favorite leftover soup. when you're not sure what to do with all the hot dogs, throw it in the broth and a couple noodles and call it minestrone. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts.
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when oliver north entered a federal courthouse for sentencing in the iran contra scandal. conservative congressmen had a petition at hand urging president bush to pardon the former marine so he wouldn't have to go to jail. >> today's daily flash back. it was on this date, 1989 when a judge spared oliver north prison time. north was given a three year suspended sentence, fined $150,000. his convictions were later overturned and re-elected chuck
9:43 am
rob. >> republicans are floating the possibility of a short term debt development here is texas senator john cornyn. >> the problem with a mini deal is we have a maxi problem. all it does is delay the moment of truth, so i would say better now than then, but if we can't, we'll take the savings we can get now and relitigate this as we get closer to the election. >> that's where senate republicans are. house negotiator eric cantor has rejected the short term negotiator. david trucker, staff writer, anita dunn, and brian jones, a former communications writer. happy tuesday. >> good to be here. >> happy july 5th. >> i'm going to play a little bit from former president bill clinton. over the weekend he made a surprise visit to aspen.
9:44 am
when you're an ex-president, you get to do things like that on his idea where this deal is coming to. i was told we don't have the tape. the president said i don't think you can agree to mega deal on republican terms. if they get closer, i believe they will agree on a modest package of cuts. this counts for six months or eight months or whatever. house republicans don't want to have it. senate republicans will love this deal. they seem to be saying this is what we want. short term deal. let's go. >> some senate republicans would like a deal like this. here's the problem. you look at the fight of how the continuing resolution went earlier this year, republicans got fed up with the two and three week spending cut deals. that tells me that i don't think there's going to be a lot of enthusiasm on the republican side of the aisle, house or senate for a short term deal unless they feel like we're getting close to a big deal that we want and therefore let's give it breathing room. we'll cut spending, raise the debt ceiling for a short period of time and continue working
9:45 am
towards the big deal. otherwise, i don't look for something that's temporary, because i feel like the up roro from the base would cause them and the leadership a lot of problems. >> brian, in your respective parties, i notice, i feel like things changed in the cr. i think democrats wanted any deal on the hill. they were like get this over with. we're tired of talking about it. this time, i sense they're willing to go to the brink here. is that fair? >> they see a republican party that has basically said you can only negotiate on our terms and our terms mean -- >> they've done this twice. >> they've done this twice. >> bernie sanders believes that. >> in the continuum, a lot of people feel the white house ended up doing quite well in terms of a so called second stimulus. but what's really at play here and what is at stake here is a lot more because it's a huge deal that everyone is talking about. they're talking about something that will see us through for a long time here.
9:46 am
i think democrats look at the republican party and say you know, negotiation usually is a two way street. these guys have a bunch of one way signs up right now and that's unacceptable. >> david brooks refers to the republican party as not a normal party if they won't take this deal. pretty rough language for somebody that was hired by the times to represent the republican view. he's not a conservative, but is it true that john boehner doesn't have the credibility to sell a deal to his tea party caucus the way he did the cr and the other two in the same way. maybe it's a higher bar he has to meet. >> i think he does. the issue is members of congress and the house, more than anything else want to be re-elected. >> they do? >> some of them do. i don't know if that's true. >> my point is this, having worked at the nrcc, what you see basically is three change elections in a row. people are afraid in terms of how this could all flesh out.
9:47 am
people don't want to be for any kind of tax cut, particularly in a year how things are going to work for the party. there's concern and i think that's why you're seeing republicans so dug in. >> house republicans already have a vote that they've taken earlier this year on the ryan budget. >> they don't like it. >> and it's a vote that is not playing well with the american public from a party that preached listening to the polls for two years. they seem to have walked away from that piece of dogma. the reality is the next vote has to be one both sides feel they can defend. both sides are going to have to be unhappy. the republicans are saying no, we want the democrats to feel any pain on this one. we will go to the brink to protect a corporate tax break for jets, which at the end of the day is not something voters want to hear. they want these guys to be adults. >> david, the senate republicans don't want to vote first though, do they?
9:48 am
they want the house republicans to vote first? >> i think that's probably how it's going to go. ultimately you need the president to play not just referee but leader of his party. he's going to have to decide, despite what he said about congress needing to do its job, this is where we need to come down, tell the democrats that and lead them in that direction. that will help the negotiations with republicans because they'll know what they're dealing with. >> coming up, we have all things tim pawlenty. wait until you find out what newt gingrich has in common with the office. trivia time, we asked in which congressional district did barack obama receive his highest vote percentage in 2008? >> i would say david plouffe would know. >> new york's 16th district where obama received 95% of the vote. it's represented by jose cerranto. the outer boroughs gave him his
9:49 am
highest district. wait until you see this poll of caucus goers that says something different. you're watching the "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. make it yours. make it mio. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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let's bring back our panel, david trucker, anita dunn and brian jones. i've got a lot to jam in. first, i want you to react to this. new tim pawlenty ad of the minnesota government shutdown. watch. >> minnesota gripped by one of the longest transit strikes in history. why? because governor tim pawlenty refused to cave in to government unions. result, pawlenty won. minnesota government shutdown, why? because tim pawlenty would not accept democrats' massive tax and spending demands. result, pawlenty won. >> brian, last week there was a few articles in there, was a shutdown going to help pawlenty, hurt pawlenty. he clearly is nervous about how
9:53 am
this was going to get defined, and he went up early. >> maybe a good move politically ripped from the headline as approach, trying to jump right into the news cycle, but i think it's a little dangerous. you don't know how this is going to wind up playing out. now he's inserted himself into a situation that has this uncertainty around it. we'll see how it plays out, but a little bit of a dangerous move. >> anita, would you be on a campaign this early be trying to follow the headlines? this is more of a general election strategy, frankly. >> well, chuck, you know, what you have to look at from tim pawlenty's point of view is he is the issue up there right now in the state of minnesota. it's what the fight is about. it's his shortfall and his bad policies that led to the problems. and both democrats and republicans up there have been talking about that. so in many ways, he doesn't have a lot of choice in terms of trying to define this. >> he had to do this early. >> he's got to define this, absolutely, or he will get defined. we all know what it's like for governors or former governors to have to live with everything that happens in their states.
9:54 am
and this happens to be a big thing happening in his state that actually is his responsibility. >> borders iowa. speaking of, republican caucusgoers. take a look at this poll done for the iowa republican, a news organization written by republicans, for republicans. they asked george w. bush's pollster, this is a very good pollster, to conduct a poll of republican iowa caucusgoers. who would you vote for? someone who could beat obama? ee someone wclosest to my view. >> i think what republicans are hungry for is somebody who's authentic, willing to tell the truth, i agree with you on the big things, and therefore support me. i found this last week in south carolina. >> right. >> people said, social conservatives said, fiscal issues are huge. and if somebody is at least honest with me, i can deal with it. >> brian jones, you seem to
9:55 am
raise an eyebrow. you were a little bit surprised by, i guess, the gap. >> it is a little surprising, particularly when you see the people who are trying to really make a strong play in iowa. and you see last time mike huckabee was the social conservative. maybe not the most electable character. michele bachmann doing well right now. but at the same time, it just shows that among the republican electorate, this dislike of obama wanting to throw obama out of office is driving the conversation. >> anita, very quickly, i'll let you have rainn wilson here. he tweets newt gingrich, dear newt gingrich, because of the many newt/shrute rhyme options, i humbling offer my services as your new campaign manager. he tweets back, i have a campaign manager. he has a sense of humor. >> not only that, he could be running the easiest campaign if he took him up on the offer. >> i've got to go to shameless plugs really quick. >> my colleague hosting xm's
9:56 am
press pool on thursday and i have a south carolina story in today's roll call. >> my new york partners who manage the gay marriage referendum in new york, they won. and we are very pleased with that, very proud. >> western republican leadership conference, october 18th through the 21st in las vegas. going to be a major political debate. hope you'll be there, chuck. >> well, we'll see. depends what network the debate's on. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." tomorrow, the rnc chairman plus a look at the politics in the nba lockout. next, "chris jansing and company." then at 1:00, "andrea mitchell reports." we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye. we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying.
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it's the most closely watched murder trial since o.j. simpson. what's going

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